Sacred Gifts

A Group Intervention for the Eldery

This intervention is quite similar to the “Sacred Moments” intervention described above, but is targeted specifically for the elderly. Two pilot groups have been completed. During 2005/2006 the manual revisions are being completed and an article prepared.

Principal Investigator: Nancy Devor.
Team members: Lori Brown-Frankl, James Burns, Trudy Leone, Ho-Yeong
Jong, Brian McCorkle, Ken Pargament, Peter Rothschild.

  • Rothschild, P., McCorkle, B. H., Devor, N. G., Brown-Frankel, L. & Pargament, K. I. (2004, March).“Sacred Gifts: A spiritually oriented group intervention for elders.” Paper presented at the American Psychological Association, Division 36 Annual Midyear Research Conference on Religion and Spirituality, Columbia, MD.