Do Religious Conservatives and Religious Liberals Think Differently?

Aimee Radom is a doctoral candidate at Boston University, who is conducting a research study as part of her dissertation, exploring the differences in cognitive and personality styles (i.e., ways that people think and relate) between religiously conservative and religiously liberal Christian individuals.  Liberal and conservative ideologies are hotly debated in both politics and religion and stand to impact the lives of many people.  However, most of the research conducted to date has focused on political ideas and values to the exclusion of religious beliefs.  This research will contribute to a greater understanding of the differences between conservative and liberal people in both political and religious settings.  By participating in this study, you will help the voices of people like you be heard by the research community.

In addition, should you choose to complete this survey, a $5 donation will be made to a national charity of your choosing (from a pre-selected list).  The survey is completely anonymous, takes about 30-45 minutes, and may be completed on the Internet by visiting:

If you have questions about this survey or the other studies, please contact Aimee Radom, MTS, at  NOTE:  Please feel free to distribute this message (in its entirety, please, whether by paper, email, or on a web site) to anyone that you believe would be interested in taking the survey.

NOTE: This study has been approved by the Boston University Institutional Review Board.