Summer 2007 Program

Religion and Economic Globalization
June 3 – 15, 2007

Sunday, June 3:

Opening Reception at CURA

Monday, June 4:

Overview: Religion in a Globalizing World – Peter Berger, Boston University/CURA

Tuesday, June 5:

Overview: Economic and Cultural Dynamics – Peter Boettke, George Mason University

Wednesday, June 6:

Peter Boettke – 2nd Lecture

Thursday, June 7:

Globalizing Religion: Islam – Robert Hefner, Boston University/CURA

Friday, June 8:

Robert Hefner – 2nd Lecture

Monday, June 11:

Globalizing Religion: Evangelical Protestantism – Timothy Shah, Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life

Tuesday, June 12:

Tim Shah – 2nd Lecture

Wednesday, June 13:

Strategic Case: China – Robert Weller, Boston University/CURA

Thursday, June 14:

Strategic Case: Russia – Christopher Marsh, Baylor University

Friday, June 15:

Final Session with Berger, Marsh, & Weller
Closing Lunch