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Call for Papers:
Yale MacMillan Center Initiative on Religion, Politics & Society.
Populism and Pluralism Conference May 4-5, 2018
Building on the interdisciplinary mission of Yale’s Initiative on Religion, Politics, and Society at the MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies, the conference aims to bring together graduate students, postdocs, and junior faculty from across departments and disciplines to confront the boundaries and blind spots that structure contemporary scholarship about religion, populism and pluralism.  We welcome papers on the following topics and others related to religion and populism:  Religious Nationalism and Populism in the Age of Trump Religion and Organizing Race, Religion, and Politics Affect and Politics Religion and Civic Life Religion in the Anthropocene Religious Capacities (Charisma, Virtuosity, and Materiality) Global and Trans-National Religious Activity  Religion, Modernity, and (Post-)Secularity• Religion, Truth, and Reconciliation
Participants will likely be provided a small honorarium to cover travel expenses. Scholars in the New England area, and New York areas are especially encouraged to apply. Submit an abstract: If you have any questions, please contact:
Deadline:  Friday, March 23rd.



Call for Papers:
Society of Jewish Ethics
Proposals dealing with any aspect of Jewish ethics—theoretical or applied, classical or contemporary—are welcome. We seek proposals on any topic, including projects that utilize philosophical, historical, social scientific, cultural studies, literary, or critical theoretical approaches to matters of Jewish ethics. Proposals should be sent via e-mail to:
Questions about the conference may be sent to Yonatan Brafman and Rebecca Epstein-Levy:     The deadline for submission of proposals is Monday, April 5, 2018.



Call for Papers:
PEACEBUILDING international workshop on 5-7 December 2018 in Antwerp (Belgium)
Contact: Barbara Segaert, Project Coordinator,
More information:
This is the third in a series of three workshops UCSIA is organizing to examine the problem of peace in light of contemporary global political and cultural conditions. What meaning does peace have today and what practices and institutions are taken to embody it? Does global public opinion value peace or does it favor the comfort of security?
The workshop consists of a two-day international meeting with specialized lectures and presentations and debates by invited senior and junior scholars. The aim is to offer a platform to scholars to present their research on the topic and exchange their ideas on research findings.
Deadline for submission: 3 June 2018 



The editorial team of Religions is inviting applications for a Travel Award for two young investigators to support attending a conference in 2018.
**Applicants must be PhD students, postdoctoral fellows or young lecturers working in the field of religious studies
**Applicants plan to participate at an international conference in 2018 to present their research (oral or poster presentation).
Applicants are required to submit the following documents:

  1. The applicant’s oral or poster abstract for the conference indicating the conference name and website.
  2. CV, including a complete list of publications.
  3. A brief letter (500 words) describing the focus of the research and the nature of the conference.
  4. A letter of recommendation (max. 400 words).

Please apply by clicking the button above before 1 April 2018. The winners will be informed via email and also announced on the homepage of Religions in June 2018.
The award consists of  $810. Each winner can publish one paper in Religionsfree of charge.



Call for Papers
Society for the Scientific Study of Religion.
Religion and Power: The Creation, Reproduction and Deconstruction of Social Orders
The study of religion, power and social orders is at the core of social scientific inquiry. We repeatedly see religion being used by the already powerful to sustain their power and existing social orders as well as by the less powerful to disrupt those same social orders and claim or reclaim more power. As history continues to repeat this pattern, the time appears ripe, then, for social scientists to reinvest our empirical and theoretical examinations of religion, power and social orders.
Submissions Close: March 31, 2018
Decision Notification: April 30, 2018



Call for Papers:
The journal Social Sciences and Missions is now planning a special issue on Prison and Religion in the Global South.
Prisons build an important interface of social and religious concern. They are communities operating with limited connection to the outside world and with their own resilient communal life.
We invite contributions of original research with a maximum length of 8,000 words. We encourage interested contributors to first submit by email an abstract of around 100 words by April 30, 2018 in order for us to gain a preliminary understanding of your submission plans. Please send your abstract to the guest editor Tobias Brandner ( or or the journal’s editor Jayeel Cornelio ( You may also contact either one of them for further information and questions. Please take note of the submission guidelines that can be found on the journal’s website ( Submission deadline for the full paper: October 31, 2018.

Call for Papers:
Yale’s Initiative on Religion, Politics, and Society at the MacMillan Center. Populism and Pluralism Conference — May 4-5, 2018.
The recent resurgence of populism in democratic politics has an ambivalent relationship to
pluralism. While some populist movements are deeply exclusionary, others are highly
participatory and inclusive. This conference is premised on the thought that religion may offer a
useful lens through which to articulate and understand these competing impulses.
Abstracts are due Friday, March 23rd. Notifications will be sent by April 1st.
If you have any questions, please contact:
Call for Papers:
University of Pittsburgh, November 2-3, 2018, Keynote: Dr. Jacqueline Jung
To propose a 20-minute presentation, please send an abstract of up to 300 words
and a CV to by midnightMarch 30, 2018.
Invitations to participate will issued by mid-April.

Call for Papers:
Disability in Africana Religions
How do African, African diasporic, and African American religious actors understand and approach physical and cognitive difference, understood broadly to include but not be limited to such examples as addiction, albinism, deafness, HIV, obesity, schizophrenia, and traumatic brain injury? Scholars interested in participating should submit a 150-word proposal to the editors of the Journal of Africana Religions via email at <>
Deadline: May 30


Call for Papers:
2018 IACSR conference in Boston from August 12-16th. Keynote Speakers: Catherine Caldwell-Harris, Boston University Wesley J. Wildman, Center for Mind and Culture & Boston University, Will Gervais, University of Kentucky
The International Association for the Cognitive Science of Religion will sponsor two student awards: The John J. McGraw Award for Best Paper and the Award for Best Poster Submitted by a Student will each receive free registration and accommodation. The Cognitive Science of Religion is an interdisciplinary research area. We therefore encourage empirical and theoretical papers representing the current state-of-the-art research on religion and cognition from all areas of the humanities, social, and natural sciences.
Deadline for submissions is March 31, 2018.
Submit an abstract here:



Grant Opportunity
On behalf of the Jewish Cultural Endowment (JCE) at Boston University, we invite grant proposals from individuals (faculty, students, and staff) with access to a BU program administration that will be responsible for planning, promoting and executing the event. JCE funded events must take place on the BU campus and should directly benefit the BU community. For more information please see
Deadline:  May 1, October 1