Karrie J. Koesel

koeselAssistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Oregon

Religion and the State: Cooperation and Conflict in Russia and China

Friday, Feb. 20 @ 12pm
121 Bay State Rd. Pardee School Lecture Room 1st Floor

What is the nature of religious-state relations in contemporary Russia and China — two countries that share a long history of religious repression and state-sponsored atheism, but also have experienced a recent and significant resurgence of religiosity? This talk explores patterns of cooperation and conflict between religious and autocratic state actors, how the two sides negotiate the terms of their relationship, and the political and economic consequence of their interaction.

Karrie J. Koesel is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Oregon where she specializes in the study of contemporary Chinese and Russian politics, authoritarianism, and religion and politics. She is the author of Religion and Authoritarianism: Cooperation, Conflict and the Consequences (Cambridge University Press, 2014), and her work has appeared in Perspectives on Politics, The China Quarterly, and Post-Soviet Affairs.

Her research has been supported by grants from the John Templeton Foundation, the Social Science Research Council (SSRC), the Fulbright program, the International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX), the Einaudi Center and East Asia Program at Cornell University, and the University of Oregon. Koesel is also an Associate Scholar of the Religious Freedom Project (RFP) at the Berkley Center for Religion Peace and World Affairs, Georgetown University and a member of the International Diffusion and Cooperation of Authoritarian Regimes (IDCAR) research network.

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