Amod Lele, CURA Fellow

in Events at CURA
September 22nd, 2017

Amod Lele will present and defend his working paper Disengaged Buddhism at 1:00 on October 6 at CURA.

Amod Lele, Senior Educational Technologist, Office of Digital Learning and Innovation

Amod Lele is Lecturer in Philosophy, Visiting Researcher in the Centre for the Study of Asia, and Senior Educational Technologist in the Office of Digital Learning and Innovation at Boston University. He received his PhD in religious studies from Harvard University in 2007, writing his dissertation on the ethics of the Indian Buddhist thinker Shantideva. He has published in Journal of Buddhist Ethics, Asian Studies Review, Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, Oxford Bibliographies in Hinduism and the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. He is a cofounder of the Indian Philosophy Blog and has his own blog on cross-cultural philosophy entitled Love of All Wisdom.

Email for a copy of his paper.

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