Clinical Research Informatics and Technology Consultation (CRITC) Service

The Office of Clinical Research (OCR) and CTSI now offer the Clinical Research Informatics and Technology Consultation (CRITC) service for BU/BMC researchers to assist them with use of information technology and informatics to facilitate clinical studies. The Director of this new service, Christopher Shanahan, MD, MPH, is faculty lead for BU Profiles and CTSI Research Networking for BUMC and provides free CRITC consultations and short-term services. Extensive consultations are available for a nominal hourly fee. Contact Dr. Shanahan at

The CRITC service provides consultation and expert assistance with the following:

  1. Development and use of medical information technology and clinical informatics for clinical research studies. Project examples include:
    • A chronic disease registry for research
    • Development of chronic disease registries for research
    • A patient education kiosk for patients in a clinic waiting room
    • A project to create and study of a mobile application to improve care
    • A project to create and study of a bedside clinical technology
  2. Assistance with choosing available CTSI online research software tools
  3. Use of clinical data for research to supplement services provided by Linda Rosen and the Clinical Research Data Warehouse; examples include:
    • Efficient selection of the data for a study (and IRB application)
    • Help understanding validity and meaning of data in the Clinical Data Warehouse
    • Effective use of the electronic medical record to collect information prospectively for research and enable efficient extraction for research purposes later

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