Research Job Connection

  • Are you a PI who is looking for temporary research staff to help with your clinical or epidemiology study timelines?
  • Are you a clinical or epidemiological research professional (Research Assistant, Study Coordinator, per diem Research Nurse or Lab staff) looking for extra hours or facing a job loss due to the ending of a grant?

To meet a need for the clinical and epidemiology research community, we are creating a pool of research professionals across BU and BMC consisting of employees who are looking for extra hours or a new position after a grant ends, to be matched to PIs looking for study help.  These are staff members who are already familiar with BU/BMC systems/policies and have proper CITI/GCP credentials.

PIs are often in need of temporary help with intensive recruitment or data collection timelines.  We are here to help!  The application process allows staff to apply to be part of the pool and we would then match them to PIs who express interest or have a need.

Research Job Connection
For more information please contact Ridiane Denis at 617-358-7558, or Jill MacRae,