Research Recruitment and Retention Program (R3)


Delays in recruiting participants are a major barrier to progress in clinical and translational research. BU CTSI’s Research Recruitment and Retention Program (R3) exists to help researchers succeed in efficiently meeting participant recruitment goals for clinical and translational research studies, including randomized clinical trials. We assist both investigator-initiated and industry-sponsored research at BU, BMC, and our partner institutions. Our approaches to recruitment will take advantage of BMC clinical and administrative data; diverse recruitment approaches that have succeeded at BU, BMC, and affiliated health centers; the insights of experienced clinical investigators; and novel approaches such as social media outreach.

What we offer

  • Research Recruitment and Retention faculty investigators and coordinators are available to meet with investigators one-on-one, at no cost for those planning to conduct or currently conducting clinical or translational research.
  • On request, we will provide an estimate of the fee that would be charged to recruit for your study.
  • To request a consultation please apply here

  • Clinical Data Warehouse at Boston Medical Center (CDW) is a comprehensive repository of clinical, administrative, and financial data on all patients who receive care at BMC or Boston HealthNet, including a large proportion of low-income and minority populations. Clinical researchers who have IRB/HIPAA approval are able to, with the help of a CDW developer–
    • Get counts of patients with specific clinical characteristics
    • Identify patients with specific clinical characteristics to target for recruitment
    • Cross-reference data from EPIC, Logician, SDK, SCM, OR and ED
  • ReSPECT research registry is a database of 6000 adults, more than 70% of whom are minorities, who have agreed to be contacted about participating in studies at BU/BMC, demographic information and is linked to BMC electronic health records to assist in matching participants to studies based on the specific clinical characteristics.  To learn more please visit ReSPECT Registry.

Study Finder is a medical campus website that lists research studies for public view, both for purposes of recruitment and/or general publicity/collaboration. To learn more, please visit Study Finder or contact Jill MacRae at

ResearchMatch provides a way to connect people who are trying to find research studies with researchers who are seeking people to participate in their studies. is a national web-based recruitment registry that will help ‘match’ researchers with willing volunteers all over the country who may wish to participate in research studies.

  • Staff members will reflect the diverse ethnic and cultural background of our patient population and have expertise in research involving the low-income, minority communities we serve, including children and the elderly, as well as other special populations.

Director: George T. O’Connor, MD
Co-Director: Christina Yarrington, MD
Project Manager: Jill MacRae, BS, CCRP,
Team Member: Winta Haile,