Pilot Awards

The CTSI provides pilot funding for innovative translational research and the development of innovative translational research methods at BU. This encompasses the continuum from the development of new therapies and diagnostic tests to studies of the population health impact of health interventions.

As all Pilot Translational and Clinical (PTC) pilot projects must have clear paths to translation and commercialization, the program includes entrepreneurs and business executives from relevant industries as reviewers and project advisers. For example, the Coulter Translational Partnership, the Ignition Award, and NIH NIBIB Center for Future Technologies in Cancer Care programs include on their grant review panels individuals with extensive industry and entrepreneurial leadership experience in pharmaceutical development, biotechnology, or biomedical engineering. One of the CTSI’s advisory committees that offer stakeholder perspective and advice, the Biotechnology Advisory Committee, generally focuses on risk–benefit analyses for pilot award funding for applications with a technology base.

Available Resources for Pilot Grantees

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Concept to commercialization: Funding success stories

  • CTSI discovered a monoclonal antibody (mAB) for treatment of nephrotic syndrome, which Pfizer matured and humanized.
  • Pfizer is also currently testing a small molecule candidate that passed through the CTSI Drug Advisory Committee after being discovered by CTSI researchers.
  • CTSI sponsors a core laboratory voucher program to support the use of specialized core laboratory services by translational researchers in need of these services and facilities. The vouchers have supported 41 original research reports to date.

Boston University Clinical and Translational Science Institute (BU CTSI) Integrated Pilot Grant Program Pilot Grant Program

Purpose of the Integrated Pilot Grant Award mechanism is to stimulate scientific discovery in all areas of basic or translational research related to the prevention, diagnosis, and management of human disease. All investigators performing research consistent with the

Funding Available: Direct costs up to $20,000 may be requested per pilot award


In January, the CTSI announced the Fall 2016 pilot awards. The CTSI received 80 proposals from investigators across BU. A total of 39 investigators were awarded $360,000 in pilot awards funded by the BU-CTSI, Boston Medical Center; The BU School of Dental Medicine; The BU School of Medicine and the BU-BMC Cancer Center. Congratulations to all recipients!



Devyani Misra BUSM Medicine
Deepak Kumar SAR Physical Therapy & Athletic Training
Sarah Valentine BUSM Psychiatry
Julia Xu BUSM Medicine
Robert Helm BUSM Medicine
Barbara Nikolajczyk BUSM Microbiology
Deborah Stearns-Kurosawa BUSM Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Elise Morgan ENG Mechanical Engineering
Louis Awad Sargent College
Irving Bigio ENG Biomedical Engineering
Casey Taft Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Francesca Seta BUSM Medicine
Ann Egloff GSDM Molecular & Cell Biology
Stefano Monti BUSM Medicine
Gerald Denis BUSM Medicine
Philip Trackman GSDM Molecular & Cell Biology
Rachel Flynn BUSM Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics

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  • Statistics from the recent spring 2017 CTSI-Integrated pilot program-To date we have received a total of 35 proposal and have 18 proposals under consideration deferred from the Fall 2016 funding cycle
  • Summer 2017 information session