BUTMAC Research Activities

Longitudinal studies

The BUTMAC has an ongoing registry and bio bank where clinical and laboratory data could be collected over a long period of time from patients with TMA. The collected information could be used to better understand the cause and the underlying pathophysiology of TMA. Genetic data could be used to better understand the underlying gene mutations or predisposing genes that lead to the development of TMA.

Clinical trials

Our center participates in clinical trials that aim to study the efficacy and the safety of new medications used for the treatment of TMA. We are currently participating in one clinical trial at BUTMAC. To learn about this trial, please contact Dr. Jean Francis at Jean.Francis@bmc.org and Dr. Vipul Chitalia at Vipul.Chitalia@bmc.org.

Basic Research

The samples derived from TMA patients are used to examine the mechanisms promoting the TMA-assocaited phenotypes in a hypothesis-driven fashion. This part of the research is overseen by Drs. Vipul Chitalia, Katya Ravid and David Salant.

Get involved

The success of our clinical mission and research endeavor are only possible with the dedication and the contribution of our patients, their families and friends. TMA remains an extremely rare disease and very difficult to diagnose. We are dedicated to advance the understanding of TMA and improve our patients’ outcome.

Our address

715 Albany Street
Boston, MA 02118
Please contact Dr. Jean Francis at Jean.Francis@bmc.org and Dr. Vipul Chitalia at Vipul.Chitalia@bmc.org for more information.