BU-CTSI TL1 Pre Doctoral Fellow: Anjali Jacob

Anjali Jacob, a 4th year MD/PhD student, was awarded a TL1 Pre-doctoral fellowship and then received an F31 award from the NHLBI, for her work in regard to incurable lung diseases. As part of Darrel Kotton’s Lab at the Center for Regenerative Medicine, she worked to find a way to differentiate relatively mature lung alveolar cells from pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), so they can be studied over long periods of time. Using this technique, she and her lab were able to study patients’ lung diseases without the need for invasive biopsies. For her F31 project she chose to specifically focus on children’s interstitial lung disease, which is caused by a genetic mutation in a gene called surfactant protein C.  She hopes that by using this technique we will soon understand how this mutation can lead to incurable lung disease.  Other applications of this model might include screening patient specific drugs, testing drugs in patient cells instead of using expensive clinical trials, or even regenerating lung tissues for patients without other therapeutic options.

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