GCRU Application and Scheduling


To use the GCRU and related services, an application is required.  The application consists of a copy of the approved IRB application and information about anticipated GCRU utilization (e.g. number of visits, types of visits and services).  Your application will be reviewed by the nurse manager and executive director to confirm it is IRB approved, and to determine the feasibility of using the GCRU for the proposed study.

Application Instructions:

1.  Download the application, and save it as a Word document.
2.  Complete it.
3.  Submit your GCRU application after you have IRB approval.

In order for a GCRU application to be considered complete, it must include:

  • The GCRU application (signed original and two copies). For assistance with the GCRU application, please call 617-638-4539.
  • IRB application and materials (two copies). This includes a full application and detailed protocol, consent/assent forms, HIPAA  authorization forms, a Data and Safety Monitoring Plan, and the IRB letter of approval.
  • Study/industry protocol, including a sponsor protocol and investigator drug brochure, if applicable (two copies)
  • The application checklist signed by the principal investigator (one copy)

Submit 1 signed and two collated copies of the application to Lynn Sawyer. E-mailed applications will not be accepted.  There are no specific deadlines.  Applications are reviewed and approved as soon as possible after receipt.

Lynn Sawyer
72 East Concord Street, Evans 706
Boston, MA 02118
Phone: 617-638-4539


The Boston University Clinical and Translational Science Institute (BU CTSI) scheduling system allows project coordinators to request appointments for participants in studies that use the CTSI General Clinical Research Unit.

Principal investigators must approve coordinators who enter the system and give them permission to studies that schedule participants. Coordinators can request appointments beginning one week after the current date. Earlier dates must be scheduled directly with a CTSI scheduler or nurse manager by phone.

Visit the CTSI scheduling system website. You will be prompted for your BU Kerberos username and password.

For more information please contact Lynn Sawyer, Administrative Coordinator, at lsawyer@bu.edu.