Community Engagement Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

To monitor and assess our efforts with our community engagement activities, we implement a performance monitoring and evaluation plan. The plan tracks and assesses processes, outputs, and outcomes to support continuous program improvement and demonstration of impact and innovation. The objectives of the evaluation plan are to:

  1. Implement formative and summative evaluation activities using mixed methods that emphasize participatory approaches that actively involve audiences and stakeholder groups in the development of evaluation processes and interpretation of real-time data to guide operational and strategic management.
  2. Use well-defined metrics to measure success for community engagement.
  3. Implement utilization-focused evaluation methods that integrate the ongoing use of evaluation findings into the community engagement governance structure for effective planning and identifying promising/best practices.
  4. Actively engage in national CTSA network evaluation activities to advance strong evaluation practices and the Common Metrics Initiative led by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.