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Digital Learning & Innovation: Call for Proposals

DL&I is pleased to announce our Spring 2019 Call for Proposals for Boston University faculty and staff to encourage ideas for experimental and creative uses of educational technology. Submission Deadline: March 29, 2019 Are you excited about a potentially game-changing concept in educational innovation but don’t know where to turn for support? Is there some […]

CLIC Updates

CLIC Center for Leading Innovation & Collaboration News Roundup January 22, 2019 Updates from CLIC New CLIC Resource Center aims to encourage collaboration and resource-sharing CLIC has launched a new Resource Center so that CTSA Program members can easily share relevant and useful guides, manuals and other tools with the full consortium. This page aims […]

NEW CTSA Program Newsletter

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the rebooted CTSA Program newsletter with its new name: CTSA Ansible. First, I want to thank you for all your suggestions, which included a variety of interesting and innovative alternatives, including humorous as well as a few ‘puny’ offerings. In the end, I elected to go with a name that […]

NIH NCATS E-Newsletter

January 3, 2019 Director’s Message When astronauts spend time in the low-gravity environment of space, they rapidly lose bone, muscle and immune function — all of which happens commonly but slowly with age here on Earth. Equally intriguing, these changes reverse when the astronauts return to Earth. Microgravity thus provides a unique environment that could […]

CTSA Program Update

December 14, 2018 HELP US RENAME THE CTSA PROGRAM UPDATE! CLIC and NCATS are working together to revamp and modernize the monthly CTSA Program Update. This includes a brand new title for the newsletter – and we want your help in naming it! We will be accepting submissions until December 31, 2018. The winning name, […]

ACT Network Update

ACT Now:  November/December 2018 ACT Network Update Dear Colleagues, We’re listening. We are offering two new informational webinar sessions: What’s New for 2019  Date: Wednesday, December 5, 12-1 pm EST. During this call, we’ll review our high-level goals for the ACT Network in 2019, and preview our plans for i2b2 and SHRINE upgrades, the new ACT […]

Career Development Awards – The Cutting Edge

ON THE EDGE Why Write a K24 Daniel Claassen, MD NEW BLOGGER Midcareer faculty often wish for more support and time to mentor. NIH has a mechanism that does exactly that. Read More BOOK GIVEAWAY Not Discussed: The Unspoken Rules for a Career in Academic Medical Research Rebecca Helton Not Discussed is a travel guide […]

CD2H Accelerating Informatics Innovation

OCTOBER 2018 NEWS Explore the CD2H Newsletter each month for the latest news about how we’re working together to accelerate innovation in translational science. This month we feature an informatics paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine, a new CD2H leadership group, recaps of recent Community Workgroup Meetings and a look at upcoming […]

National Center for Data to Health (CD2H)

Accelerating Informatics Innovation Explore the latest news from the CD2H each month as we work to support collaboration and accelerate innovation across the CTSA informatics ecosystem. This month we feature the Leaf Cloud Pilot Project, bring you a recap of our most recent Show and Tell meeting, and get you up to speed on upcoming […]

CTSI Pilot Awardees Spring 2018

Boston University Clinical and Translational Science Institute (BU-CTSI) is pleased to announce the recipients of the Spring 2018 Integrated Pilot Grant Program. The awards were funded by the CTSI along with two additional sources: 8 were funded by the Department of Medicine 2 were co-funded by the Cancer Center and the CTSI 13 were funded […]