REQUEST FOR APPLICATIONS: Framingham Heart Study Brain Aging Program Pilot Grants

The recently established Boston University Framingham Heart Study Brain Aging Program (FHSBAP) is soliciting proposals focusing on genetic, genomic, biomarker, epidemiological, behavioral, brain imaging, ethical, health systems or other research in Alzheimer’s disease (AD), AD-related disorders, and brain aging. Proposed research must include a major component involving analysis of existing FHS data. It is anticipated that two proposals up to $25,000 in direct costs for one-year nonrenewable projects will be awarded. The FHS-BAP pilot grants are not intended to support large undertakings by established investigators or to enhance ongoing research projects that are already funded. Rather, the program will consider proposals for new projects that are likely to lead to a new research direction for brain aging and AD and to future, larger funded research projects. For an overview of FHS and a summary of information about FHS data particularly relevant to brain aging, see BrainAgingProject. A detailed description of the organization and history of the Framingham Heart Study can be found at

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