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January 22, 2019

Updates from CLIC

New CLIC Resource Center aims to encourage collaboration and resource-sharing

CLIC has launched a new Resource Center so that CTSA Program members can easily share relevant and useful guides, manuals and other tools with the full consortium. This page aims to encourage collaboration and resource-sharing so that hubs across the program don’t need to ‘recreate the wheel’ every time they’re faced with a challenge or question.

News from around the CTSA Program Consortium

Penn State CTSI: Translational science training programs credited with student success

This story highlights a dual-title kinesiology and clinical and translational sciences doctoral student, who has been a regular presence at Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute, which he credits with preparing him for his current successes and his future endeavors.

CTSC of Cleveland: $3M grant extends HIV intervention to prevent heart disease

A CTSC KL2 Scholar alumna has received a four-year, $3-million grant from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute to fund her study “A Nurse-Led Intervention to Extend the HIV Treatment Cascade for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention (EXTRA-CVD)”. This study will test a nurse-led intervention to improve control of hypertension and hyperlipidemia in adults living with HIV.

ICYMI: News from the Science & Research World

U.S. News: 3 Types of Research Publications Premeds Can Work On

Publications are tangible evidence of your contribution to furthering scientific progress and your ability to take on and complete difficult tasks. This article describes three types of academic publications, outlines the pros and cons of each and discusses how to find opportunities to work on these papers.

Meet the Team

Russell Lackey, MS, is an education specialist at CLIC. In this role, he supports the development and dissemination of competency-based educational content from around the CTSA Program consortium. Prior to joining CLIC, Russell held multiple roles in secondary and higher education in west Texas, and holds a master’s degree in Biology from Texas Tech University. When not working, Russell enjoys traveling to state and national parks with his wife at every opportunity.

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