NCATS funded Innovation Lab

Innovation Labs place a diverse group of investigators in an intensive 5-day workshop to design creative and audacious new research approaches.

The next lab is hosted by Vanderbilt and will be at the Airlie Conference Center April 23-27, 2018.

The theme of Innovation Lab Vanderbilt is Staying Power: Developing Lifestyle Interventions that Last. Ample research is aimed at achieving weight loss and a wide range of intervention types have significant short-term effectiveness, but few have long-term success. One can accept that this frustrating reality represents a struggle against human nature to return to ingrained patterns, or propose that we are simply not adequately focused on the next step, which is supporting change, preventing relapse and exploiting novel tools to do so.

Applications are now open and will close on February 9, 2018. About 25 applicants who are within ten years of completing a terminal research degree or clinical training will be invited from the pool of applicants. Visit innovationlabs to learn more.

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