Dahod BUSM Breast Cancer Research Program – Request for Applications 2017

Release Date: February 17, 2017
Application Deadline: March 15, 2017
Earliest Start Date: April 1, 2017

Objective: Enhance breast cancer research by using pilot funds to leverage NIH funding.

Eligibility: Individual primary, full-time BUSM faculty or teams of investigators studying breast cancer who’s research activities are in BUSM space may apply. Coordinated applications from multiple investigators (program projects) for research or infrastructure (lecture series, cell lines, core equipment) are encouraged.

Priority will be given to proposals that:

  • Benefit multiple breast cancer investigators
  • Lead to BUSM grant funding

Funding Available:

  • Pilot grants for individuals are limited to $50k
  • Budgets may exceed $50k for multi-PI proposals

Typical expenses include laboratory supplies, animal costs, small equipment, patient recruitment costs, or consultants. Support for pre/postdoctoral students, technicians, or research assistants is allowed while salary support for PI or Co-I is not allowed. Awards are not transferable to any other institution.

Additional funding is available for international faculty or post docs who intend to return to their home country to do breast cancer research.

Regulatory Approval: FINAL IRB, IACUC, and IBC approvals are required prior to any funding. CTSI resources (https://www.bu.edu/ctsi/support-for-research/), including IRB preparation assistance, are free to awardees.

Review Process: BU CTSI Scientific Review Committees (SRC) with relevant expertise will review and rank applications using a process analogous to NIH review focused on significance, innovation, approach, and investigators.

Proposal Submission: The first step in the submission process is to submit an NOI here. Once the NOI is submitted you will receive an electronic notification which allows you to enter the electronic portal to start your application. You may access the application at any time after submitting your NOI by going here.

Progress Reports: Awardees must submit progress reports at 6 and 12 months including key results, any publications, grant applications, funded awards, new collaborations and any other outcomes that resulted from the project.

Frederick L. Ruberg, MD
Section of Cardiovascular Medicine, Department of Medicine
Director, Pilot Grant Programs, Boston University Clinical and Translational Science Institute
Boston University School of Medicine
Email: frruberg@bu.edu

Administrative Contact:
Deb Rebelo
Program Coordinator, Boston University Clinical and Translational Science Institute
617.638.4539 (ph)
Email: ctsipilots@bu.edu

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