The Biomedical Bridge BUilders Initiative

BU Biomedical Engineering and the BU Clinical and Translational Science Institute are pleased to announce the second phase of a new collaborative program, the Biomedical Bridge BUilders Initiative. It is designed to accelerate the commercialization of clinician-inspired medical device innovations by partnering with graduate engineering biodesign and product development teams.

Bridge BUilders invites physicians, dental clinicians and other members of the BU Medical Campus to send us short (one page or less) descriptions of a medical device clinical challenge. These descriptions can be an early product idea or a project that is already underway that could benefit from a team of graduate biomedical engineers, trained in the biodesign product development process. The graduate Biomedical Engineers selected for each project work part-time under your clinical guidance while they complete their Masters Graduate studies at the BU College of Engineering. We initiated this program during the Fall, 2016 semester with a neonatal monitoring project under the guidance of Dr. Alan Fujii. We are now considering candidates for our second project, to be started during the Spring 2017 semester. Additional projects will be initiated during the Summer 2017 semester.

Teams will consist of a BME faculty supervisor plus four graduate Biomedical Engineering Masters students and graduate students from other BU Engineering Departments if their specialty skills are required. We will ensure that all biomedical team members have HIPAA training, and all necessary tests and inoculations to be approved as Clinical Observers at the BMC. If your idea is selected, you will serve as the Primary Clinical Advisor to the team, meet with them on a regular basis, and serve as their sponsor for their Clinical Observership so that they can see the current Standard of Care first-hand.

Related IP resulting from inventions will be assigned to Boston University or BMC under current Patent Policies. We expect each initiative to file at least one Invention Disclosure.

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