Engaging Students

Engaging students depends on so much more than just what we do in the classroom.

Engaging students involves a set of activities: developing your own voice as a teacher, planning all aspects of the course, choosing materials and using them thoughtfully, deciding how to assess student learning and doing the actual grading, and, of course, managing the classroom environment.

The Frame

It’s not just what you do in the classroom that determines how engaged students will be with your course. The way you frame the course is just as important.

Teach, Don’t Tell!

Teaching isn’t about the passive transfer of information to students.  Students learn in different ways and how much they remember depends on the way they learned.

Engaging Students in the Classroom

Outside the Classroom

Getting Feedback from Students


Design activities to challenge students

Additional resources

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Dan Dill and Learning Assistants


Top row (left to right): Amelia Walcek; Kevin Stoll; Natasha Dilwali; Kathryn Spilios; Manher Jariwala; Michael Thees; Jan Makkinje; Vanessa Thai; Nicholas Gross;

Middle row (left to right): Sushi Subburamu; Jyotirmaie Suryadevara; Rebecca Lauzon; Chenzhe Cao; Yi Feng; Aaron Brug; Stephanye Doucett; Luai Zakaria;

Bottom row (left to right): Erik Lindgren; Jennifer Tran; Alexis Knaub; Thomas Hunt; Peter Garik; Adam Moser; Daniel Friedman