Boston University Focusing on Future Faculty Symposium

On Friday, March 22, 2013 the Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and the Office of the Provost will hold a symposium focusing on where we are – and where we hope to go – with preparing doctoral students to be effective teachers and mentors. Associate Provost for Graduate Affairs, Timothy Barbari, and Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs, Elizabeth Loizeaux, are collaborating with CEIT and will be in attendance.

We welcome and encourage department chairs, graduate program directors, faculty and doctoral students to attend.

Symposium Agenda (with speakers)

Breakout session topics include: What do doctoral students need to know about teaching and pedagogy to enter the academy of the 21st century? How could we, in the programs, promote better pedagogical training?  What materials/mechanisms might we create to assure effective pedagogical training? How could we in the programs recognize faculty for pedagogical mentoring as part of their responsibilities as faculty members? What is the current teacher-scholar balance for doctoral students?  What is the ideal balance? What kind of preparation is needed before doctoral students assume TF duties?

Location: Photonics Center, 8 Saint Mary’s Street, Colloquium Room (906)

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We hope to see you there!