Graduate Teaching Consultants

The Center for Teaching & Learning invites applications for its next cohort of Graduate Teaching Consultants.  GTCs will support the CTL’s initiatives to promote research-based strategies for effectively engaging a diverse student body by bolstering programs and services for fellow graduate student instructors during the 2020-21 academic year.  

Two (2) GTCs will be appointed to:

  • support the CTL’s programming, including helping to facilitate a graduate student teaching workshop series
  • develop teaching resources
  • help conduct Learning Analysis Polls for other graduate student instructors

The Graduate Teaching Consultants program is designed to help participants develop as educators and peer mentors through research-based practice and reflective interdisciplinary conversations about pedagogy.  GTCs will receive training  in monthly meetings throughout the academic year to support their work as teaching consultants and workshop co-facilitators.  Working closely with CTL staff and each other, they will also have an opportunity to develop workshop materials and help publicize our events to other graduate students at BU.

All work will be conducted remotely, at least through the fall semester.  The CTL will reevaluate its activities for the spring semester in the late fall, but GTCs would always have the option to work remotely. 

Commitment: GTCs will work up to 5 hours per week during the academic year on a schedule developed in consultation with CTL staff.  

Eligibility: Registered graduate students in good academic standing with at least 1 semester of teaching experience (preferably at BU) are invited to apply.  

Please email the following materials to with the subject line “Graduate Teaching Consultant – [applicant’s last name]” by 12 pm on August 14 (Friday).  Interviews (over Zoom) will be held later that month.  

Application materials:

  • a CV, which includes:
    • A list of your college teaching experience, both formal and informal
    • A list of teaching development activities (including CTL workshops and events) in which you have participated
  • a statement explaining:
    • one teaching issue or area in which BU graduate students could benefit from more support, and a suggestion for how the CTL might be able to help
    • what you hope to gain from serving as a GTC
  • a list of times you are available for a Zoom interview August 20-28.

Compensation: $14.50/hour

As a GTC, I learned about teaching theories as well as teaching strategies. Teaching seminars for graduate students tend to focus on the nuts-and-bolts of running a section, but the theories behind how students learn are just as important…Serving as a GTC was one of the best choices I’ve made in graduate school. I learned so much – about teaching; about learning; about being an effective leader in the classroom.  

  • Jeanna Kinnebrew, GTC 2017-2018

As a graduate student who has always considered the classroom an important part of my academic work, serving as a GTC has been one of the most formative experiences of my professional development as a teacher. As a GTC, we read and discussed research about what helps motivate, activate, and enhance student learning. Participating in the monthly teaching workshops and conducting Learning Analysis Polls gave me the opportunity to think with other graduate instructors about how to apply these researched-based principles in our classrooms. My time as a GTC has helped me feel more confident and capable of facilitating student learning and enabling students to apply that learning to their endeavors beyond the classroom.

  • Kaitlyn Martin Fox, GTC 2019-2020

Serving as a GTC was one of the best experiences as a graduate student at BU. I learned the theories behind learning and being more involved in the running of the teaching workshops taught me so much about not only teaching techniques, but also leadership, time management, and class involvement. Conducting LAPs was also very helpful in learning more about teaching evaluations. 

  • Claire Seulgie Lim, GTC 2019-2020