Annual Educational Innovation Conference 2019


Here’s a recap of the eighth annual Educational Innovation Conference which was held on May 3, 2018. The conference brought together faculty, staff, graduate students, and post-docs from across BU and beyond to showcase excellence in teaching and learning and to explore collaborative visions of our future. The full-day event featured seven dynamic speakers, each of whom approached teaching innovations from their expertise in research, scholarship, and instruction.

The event was facilitated by the CTL’s very own Matthew Trevett-Smith who expertly guided us through the conference and provided the balance between each of our featured speakers: Kinh Vu (CFA), Ann Zumwalth (MED), Maria Isabel Dominguez (MED), Johannes Friedrich Schmieder (CAS), Pedro Falci, (Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground), Joyce Walsh (COM), Roberto Tron (ENG), Matthew David Mara (SDM).

Following lunch were a series of concurrent community forums around the topics of Individual in Community (facilitated by Sheila Cordner, CGS), Inclusive Learning & Diversity (facilitated by Raul Fernandez, Wheelock), and Digital/Multimedia Expression (facilitated by Jason Prentice, CAS).

The day ended with three hands-on workshops: Digital Storytelling, Student Learning Through Sound, and Google Drive for Collaborative Learning & Student Teamwork.