Continuity of Teaching Resources

  • First Thoughts on Remote Teaching – getting started with online resources, setting priorities, expectations and other steps faculty may take to have a smooth and comprehensive transition to remote teaching.

  • Converting your Face-to-Face Pedagogical Approaches to the Online Environment – an outline of common classroom techniques, with suggestions for their modification for online environments.

  • Teaching Remotely for Accessibility, Equity, and Inclusion – includes how to make learning more accessible,  foster a more inclusive learning environment, and prioritize self-care when moving course materials online.

  • Options for Assessment Tasks – aids instructors in  offering options for creating and administering online assessment while maintaining academic integrity in online exam environments.

  • Remote Teaching in STEM – guides STEM instructors through the process of planning various types of labs, with links to beneficial resources across a wide variety of  disciplines.

  • Remote Teaching in the Arts – guides  instructors in the Arts through a process of adapting creatively to challenges of remote teaching with links to beneficial resources across a wide variety of  disciplines.

  • Lightning Talks: Summer 2020  – The Remote Teaching & Learning Lightning Talks Summer Series is a reflection and learning forum where Boston University faculty and invited guests identify areas of challenge and opportunity and share strategies for engaging educational experiences in the remote-learning environment.

  • LfA Faculty Resources – Most of Boston University’s entering and returning undergraduate and graduate students will have a choice of attending in-person classes or taking classes remotely under a new hybrid teaching format the University is calling Learn from Anywhere (LfA). This resource site is designed for BU faculty and contains pedagogical guidance, tools to get started, assessment options, FAQs, training schedules and recordings, and more.