BU Hub Funding Opportunities

Spring 2021 Stipend Program for Writing-Intensive Courses

In Spring 2021, the BU Center for Teaching & Learning and the BU Hub will offer a new stipend program for Writing-Intensive courses to be offered in fall 2021 or spring 2022. Proposers who work with faculty consultants to revise an existing course to include the Writing-Intensive Course Hub area or develop a new Writing-Intensive Course proposal will receive a $500 stipend upon submission of their course to the General Education Committee (GEC).

Please note: This is a priority initiative and interested faculty members are encouraged to apply as soon as possible so that course proposals can be submitted to the GEC early in spring.

For more information and the application, please visit here.

Course Enhancement Funds

The Hub Course Enhancement Fund provides funding so faculty can experiment with an innovative approach to teaching one or more of the BU Hub areas or take advantage of special opportunities for exciting general education learning experiences in BU Hub courses. All BU faculty teaching Hub classes may apply for funding. Expenses might include those associated with attending cultural events, engaging with local communities, or materials needed to incorporate more experiential, collaborative, or project-based pedagogy into a Hub course. Awards are typically capped at $500 and are approved on a rolling basis. Applications are encouraged that request support related to adapting a Hub course to the BU Learn from Anywhere (LfA) teaching format.

For more information and the application, please visit here.

Hub Faculty Fellows Program

The Hub Faculty Fellows (HFF) Program is offered by the Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) and the BU Hub, Boston University’s university-wide undergraduate general education program, to support interdisciplinary inquiry and faculty collaboration through Hub course design and implementation.

The HFF Program provides greater opportunites for peer-to-peer conversations among instructors — allowing faculty to receive customized feedback from multiple pedagogical perspectives — while responding to institutional priorities concerning interdisciplinary learning and the Hub. Interdisciplinary thinking and content are at the heart of many Hub courses, and the HFF Program provides faculty with opportunities to “stretch” their teaching practice by creating Hub courses that highlight different skill sets in relation to their disciplinary comfort zone.

Interdisciplinary approaches to the Hub can also involve priority Hub areas where further development of the Hub curriculum is needed, such as Digital/Multimedia Expression and Creativity/Innovation. The HFF Program promotes the design and implementation of interdisciplinary Hub courses in these and additional priority Hub areas, such as The Individual in Community, Social and Scientific Inquiry II, and Writing-Intensive Courses.

For more information on the Hub Faculty Fellows Program, please visit here.