Boston-Based Learning

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May 24th, 2017

One of BU’s greatest resources may also be one of its least utilized: the city of Boston.  In preparing to align its undergraduate curriculum with the new general education initiative, the university encourages “faculty developing new courses in any Hub area…to consider how student engagement and learning are enhanced when coursework incorporates use of the city as an extended classroom and/or capitalizes on partnerships with local institutions or community groups.  This vision for a BU education acknowledges the benefits of experiential learning and the opportunities presented by the university’s urban location.  The advantages of Boston-based learning, though, extend not just to Hub offerings, but to all courses offered at the university.

Many BU instructors are already deepening their students’ learning by having them visit historical sites, view art first-hand at museums, collect oral histories, or perform service in the community.   MET instructor Bruce Berman, whose earth science course, “Snails to Whales,” educates students about local flora and fauna, succinctly explains some of the advantages of “field study”: “I like to teach this class because there are a lot of people for whom science is an abstract thing…They can’t always see the relevance and importance of it in their daily lives or how it improves their quality of life. But I find that with this class, my students are really interested in learning about Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay. When they are interested and willing to learn, they learn a lot.”

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