LEGEND (Longitudinal Examination to Gather Evidence of Neurodegenerative Disease)

The LEGEND study is focused on examining the effects of repetitive brain trauma (like one may receive playing some organized sports) in a living person.  Participants complete online questionnaires and talk with a member of our study staff once a year so we may gather information on concussions, athletic history, medical history, and cognitive functioning. Participants can also choose to provide a saliva sample for genetic analysis.  The goal is to track our participants’ progress over time, so we can see who develops problems down the road and who doesn’t.  The total time commitment for participants in the LEGEND study is about 2 hours for the first year, and about an hour and a half per year after that.  This groundbreaking study allows our team to understand and analyze both genetic and environmental risk factors for developing problems related to repetitive brain trauma in athletes.

Anybody with a history of athletic participation (at the youth, high school, collegiate, or professional level) may be eligible to participate.  Those interested in participating should contact the study coordinator, Kaitlyn Perry, at (617) 414-8389, or at kip91@bu.edu.