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Why the NFL doesn’t want you to see “Concussion”

In the new movie “Concussion” starring Will Smith, the NFL is put under a microscope… Expert quote: “We see this in individuals who have had repetitive head injuries, usually over a long period of time. Individuals with CTE usually experience cognitive problems — memory lapses or behavioral symptoms like depression and irritability.” View full article

Football’s dangers, illustrated by one young man’s brain

The case of college football player Michael Keck has added more fuel to the fire about whether young children should play football… Expert quote: “I was surprised how extensive it was. I have never seen this (brain) pathology in someone under the age of 30.” View full article


What Can We Learn From Michael Keck’s Brain?

When Michael Keck was hospitalized with a heart infection at 25 years old, he asked his wife to donate his brain to a brain bank for research when he died… Expert quote: “I’m always surprised to see this type of disease in someone so young. At age 25, brains can still be developing, pruning synapses. […]

College Football Player’s Autopsy May Offer Clues to Brain Trauma

Former Missouri State linebacker Michael Keck quit football after three years of Division 1 play and might have faded into obscurity… Expert quote: “This is a relatively understudied disease. But the loss of memory, the behavioral problems, the depression, the difficulties with learning and planning can and do affect all kinds of athletes, both professional […]

Military brain bank donor explains why it’s right thing

It’s been 54 years since Navy storekeeper Richard Fournier was knocked on the head and robbed by three Marines in Honolulu — an assault that left him with a lifetime of psychological and physical problems… Expert quote: “What we really need is more veterans to donate their brains.” View full article