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CTE Could Become A Problem For Soccer, Study Finds

CBS Las Vegas Ann McKee, School of Medicine Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, more commonly referred to as CTE, is a disastrous brain disease that is currently plaguing the National Football League, but a study shows that soccer is not impervious to CTE… Expert quote: “I think it points out again that this is an equal-opportunity disease,” said Dr. Ann […]

Leading CTE Expert Speaks Out

Huffington Post Ann McKee, School of Medicine Ann McKee, M.D., is a neuropathologist who specializes in neurodegenerative disease, including chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), at Boston University School of Medicine…. Expert quote: “Well, I started out as a neurologist.” View full article

Top CTE researcher Ann McKee: Too painful to watch football

USA Today Ann McKee, School of Medicine Theories behind the NFL’s ratings decline don’t usually include teary-eyed explanations… Expert quote: “I won’t,” McKee, the director of the Boston University‘s CTE Center, explained on Facebook Live. “I didn’t watch any football this year. I just can’t do it anymore.” View full article


BU CTE Center Researchers Announce Former NFL Player Kevin Turner had CTE

WATCH: Researchers from the VA-BU-CLF Brain Bank announced November 3rd, 2016 that former New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles player Kevin Turner, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2010 and died at age 46 earlier this year, had CTE. This video from the Boston University School of Medicine shows clips from Boston University Alzheimer’s Disease […]

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Research Traces Link Between Combat Blasts and PTSD

New York Times (subscription required) Ann McKee, School of Medicine They are among war’s invisible wounds: the emotional and cognitive problems that many troops experience years after combat explosions sent huge shock waves through their brains… Expert quote: “We have to be very certain — it’s about not jumping the gun, not jumping to conclusions […]

Why the NFL doesn’t want you to see “Concussion”

In the new movie “Concussion” starring Will Smith, the NFL is put under a microscope… Expert quote: “We see this in individuals who have had repetitive head injuries, usually over a long period of time. Individuals with CTE usually experience cognitive problems — memory lapses or behavioral symptoms like depression and irritability.” View full article