SCARI Photo Gallery

Launch #1-36.080

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The following are photographs of the SCARI rocket during various stages of assembly, testing, and field-work.
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SCARI instrument, alone, on bench in clean room (BU)

Preliminary SCARI testing in small vacuum chamber (BU)

SCARI team member in clean room during testing (BU)

SCARI payload on rocket cart: electronics (left), SCARI (middle), collimator (right) (BU)

SCARI field testing configuration (UV Optics Lab-BU) 

Integration at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility

Measuring weight and center of mass of full SCARI rocket (excluding boosters)

Moving SCARI rocket onto spin table (balance)

SCARI on spin table - the rocket will look through shutter door in front

Moving SCARI rocket onto shake table