Spring 2012 Schedule

Date Title Speaker Affiliation
1/26 Gravity Wave Propagation and Influences in the Mesosphere, Thermosphere, and Ionosphere Dave Fritts NWRA
2/2 Atmospheric Circulation of Eccentric Extrasolar Giant Planets Nikole Lewis University of Arizona
2/9 Modeling the Three-Dimensional Upper Atmosphere of Titan Jared Bell SwRI
2/13 Magnetic reconnection as a cosmic particle accelerator Jim Drake University of Maryland
2/23 A world in a grain of sand – contemplating soil regolith granular surficial deposits dirt on Mars Michael Hecht California Institute of Technology/NASA
3/1 Collisionless Shocks in the Heliosphere Harald Kucharek University of New Hampshire
3/8 MESSENGER Observations of Mercury’s Dynamic Magnetosphere James Slavin University of Michigan
3/22 Thunderstorms and lightning on Saturn Georg Fischer University of Iowa
3/29 Ionospheric Physics and Stellar Chromospheres Juan Fontenla University of Colorado
4/5 The Google Space Initiative Tiffany Montague Google Space
4/9 Turbulent Shocks in Astrophysical Plamas Randy Jokipii University of Arizona
4/19 Direct imaging of extrasolar planets Bruce MacIntosh LLNL
4/26 Magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling at Jupiter-like exoplanets with internal plasma sources Jon Nichols University of Leicester
5/3 NASA’S Solar System Exploration Paradigm: Jim Green NASA