PSS 2011 Presentations

Presentations from the Plasma Summer School held at Boston University in August of 2011.

  • Josh Semeter, Boston University
    space physics pdf

  • James Drake, University of Maryland
    reconnection in the sun, heliosphere and magnetosphere part 1, part 2, (pdf’s)

  • Benjamin Chandran, University of New Hampshire
    turbulence in the solar wind pdf

  • Sarbani Basu, Yale
    plasma processes in helioseismology pdf

  • Meers Oppenheim, Boston University
    kinetic plasma physics in the ionosphere pdf

  • Mary Hudson, Dartmouth
    plasma processes in the magnetosphere part 1, part 2

  • Kristina Lynch, Dartmouth
    auroral ionospheric plasma processes pdf

  • Jan Egedal, MIT
    experiments in reconnection part 1, part 2

Lab’s coordinator Raymond Fermo, Boston University (thanks as well to Sarah McGregor, BU).  Lab directory: PSS2012 labs.

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