MOP 2011 Presentations – Session 8: Structure / Dynamics / Atmospheric Coupling

63 Steffl, Andrew J. The Io Plasma Torus During the Cassini Flyby of Jupiter

64 Dessler, Alex Dawn-­Dusk Oscillation of Jupiter’s Io Torus and the Vasyliunas E-­Theorem

65 Achilleos, Nicholas The role of the atmosphere in ionosphere‐magnetosphere coupling

66 Galand, Marina Neutral Atmosphere -­ Ionosphere -­ Magnetosphere Coupling

67 Chané, Emmanuel The MI-­coupling in global simulations of the Jovian and Kronian magnetospheres

68 Yates, Japheth Nesta Influence of Upstream Solar Wind on Thermospheric Flows at Jupiter

69 Ray, Licia C. Current ‐ Voltage Relationships in the Saturnian System

70 Desroche, Mariel The Interaction Between the Solar Wind and Jupiter’s Magnetosphere

71 Ye, Shengyi Jovian anomalous continuum radiation

72 Lai, Hairong No Evidence for Erosion of the Saturn Magnetopause by Northward IMF

73 Liu, Xin The growth of plasma convection in Saturn’s inner magnetosphere

74 DeJong, Anna Field‐Aligned Currents Associated with Interchange Injection at Saturn

75 Hansen, Kenneth Modeling of Large-­scale systems: The Magnetospheres of Jupiter and Saturn