MOP 2011 Presentations – Session 5: Aurora

49   Gerard,  Jean-­Claude  M.  C. Aurora: Global Features

50   Clarke,  John  T. The Response to the Solar Wind of the Jovian and Saturnian Auroras

51   Hess,  Sebastien Aurora  -­  Micro Processes

52   Zarka,  Philippe Saturation of Cyclotron Maser Instability in Jupiter’s Radiosources?

53   Kopf,  Andy A statistical  study of  kilometric radiation fine structure striations observed at Jupiter and Saturn

54   Bonfond,  Bertrand Inside the Jupiter Main Auroral Emissions: Flares, Spots, Arc…and  Satellite Footprints?

55   Badman,  Sarah Cassini  VIMS  Observations of Saturn’s Infrared  Aurora

56   Dyudina,  Ulyana Saturn’s  North  and  South  aurora observed  by  Cassini  camera  in  visible  wavelengths

57   Melin,  Henrik Simultaneous  infrared and ultraviolet observations of  Saturn’s  aurora  using Cassini VIMS and UVIS

58   Grodent,  Denis Grapes  from  Saturn: focus on  Saturn’s main  ring  of  emission  with  Cassini-­‐UVIS

59   Krupp,  Norbert Open-Closed Field Line BoundaryCharacterization of Saturn’s Magnetosphere Using Cassini MIMI-‐LEMMS Data And Auroral Observations From HST And  Cassini-­‐UVIS

60   Ozak,  Nataly Auroral X-­ray Emission at the Outer Planets

61   Vogt,  Marissa  F. Mapping Jupiter’s auroral features to magnetospheric sources:  Comparing results from three different models for Jupiter’s ionospheric magnetic field

62   Higgins,  Chuck Jupiter’s Radio Rotation Period: A 50­‐year Average