Fall 2012 Schedule

Date Title Speaker Affiliation
Thursday, 9/6 Imaging Saturn’s Magnetosphere–Solar Wind-Driven and Rotational Dynamics on the Large Scale Donald Mitchell JHU, Applied Physics Laboratory
Thursday, 9/13 Nonlinear Resonant Circuit Models of Space Plasma Physics Paul Bernhardt NRL
Friday, 9/21 Beyond Hot Jupiters:  Exploring the Diversity of Exoplanetary Atmospheres Heather Knutson Cal Tech
Thursday, 9/27 Cold ion outflow from the polar ionosphere Stein Haalnd Max-Planck Institute
Thursday, 10/4 The Lakes of Titan Jason Soderblom MIT
Thursday, 10/11 The Small Satellite Program at BU Ted Fritz Boston University/CSP
Thursday. 10/18 Ionospheric Oxygen Ion Outflows in Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling Andrew Yau University of Calgary
Thursday, 10/25 The Solar Blow Shock Revisited: Is it a Slow Shock? Bertalan Zieger Boston University/CSP
Thursday, 11/1 Aurora on Ganymede Melissa McGrath NASA/MSFC
Thursday,  11/8 Taking the Measure of Mercury’s Magnetosphere: Energetic Electrons and MESSENGER Mission Ralph McNutt JHU, Applied Physics Laboratory
Thursday, 11/15 The Magnetosphere as a System George Siscoe Boston University/CSP