Seminar Series

The Center for Space Physics Seminar series features formal presentations of the latest research results by recognized experts in space science and engineering disciplines. Seminars convenes every Thursday during the Fall and Spring semesters in room 502 of 725 Commonwealth Avenue from 4:00-4:45PM (with noted exceptions). The seminar is preceded by refreshments in room 500 at 3:45PM.

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Fall 2019 Schedule

Date Title/Subject Speaker Affiliation
9/12 Space Weather Prediction: Benefits from the Research to Operations to Research Cycle Howard Singer NOAA
9/19 Io’s Alfvénic Interaction: Particle Acceleration observed by Juno Jamey Szalay Princeton University
9/26 Variability in the Position of the IBEX ENA Ribbon Maher Dayeh SwRI
10/3 Sub-auroral MI coupling – STEVE Beatriz Gallardo-Lacourt NASA – Goddard
10/10 Reconnection outside the box: Earth’s magnetopause away from the X-line Jef Broll Boston University
10/17 A Window into Planetary Magnetism with Brown Dwarf Exo‐Aurorae Melodie Kao Arizona State University
10/24 TBD Xiaochen Shen Boston University
10/31 Giant planets thermospheres and ionospheres Ingo C. F. Mueller-Wodard Imperial College London
11/7 Results from the NASA GOLD mission Richard Eastes LASP
11/14 Ionospheric structuring during geomagnetic storms Shasha Zou University of Michigan
11/21 Modelling Earth’s upper atmosphere Tim Fuller Rowell NCAR
12/5 Practice AGU Talks