Spring 2006 Seminar Series

Date Speaker Topic
23 Jan Jean-Claude GĂ©rard IMAGE Studies of Proton Aurora
2 Feb John Retterer Ionospheric Scintillation
9 Feb Paul Song Penetration E-fields
16 Feb Bronislaw Dichter Radiation Belts
23 Feb Josh Semeter Earth Ionosphere
2 March Yan Song Auroral Acceleration and Reconnection
16 March Harold Weaver New Horizons to Pluto
23 March George Parks Space Physics
30 March Darrell Strobel Atmosphere of Titan
6 April Tom Hill Saturn’s Magnetosphere
13 April David Brain Martian Aurora and Crustal Anomalies
20 April George Gloeckler Heliospheric Physics
27 April Presidential Inauguration No seminar
4 May Jeff Hoffman Mass. Space Grant Consortium