Spring 2005 Seminar Series

Date Topic Speaker
January 27 Tectonic Implications of Mars Crustal Magnetism Dr. Jack Connerney
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
February 3 Global Auroral Imaging: Dynamic Pressure Induced Auroral Brightenings and Conjugate Auroral Observations Dr. John Sigwarth
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
February 10 Electromagnetic Heating of the Ionosphere/Thermosphere during Severe Geomagnetic Storms Dr. William Burke
Air Force Research Lab., Hanscom AFB
February 15 X-rays from the Solar System Bodies Dr. Anil Bhardwaj
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
February 17 Interpreting the differences between auroral forms at Earth and Jupiter: What happens when rotational stress becomes dominant? Prof. Margaret Kivelson
March 31 Remote Sensing of Geospace Plasmas with Radiowaves: From Earth’s Ionosphere and Magnetosphere to Jupiter’s Icy Moons Prof. Bodo Reinisch
University of Massachusetts, Lowell
April 14 1) Enhanced Transport in the Polar Mesosphere of Jupiter: Evidence from Cassini UVIS Helium 584 Å Airglow. 2) Hydrodynamic Escape from Planetary Atmospheres Dr. Chris Parkinson
Caltech, JPL
April 28 Monitoring Space Weather with GPS Mapping Techniques Dr. Anthea Coster
MIT Haystack Observatory