Fall 2016 Seminar Series

Date Title Speaker Affiliation
9/15 Is Diffuse Aurora Driven From Above or Below? George Khazanov GSFC
9/22 H3+ in Jupiter’s Ionosphere and the Great Red Spot James O’Donoghue BU CPS
9/29 What’s Up with Owygen 834? Tim Cook U Mass Lowell
10/6 Location Change: Sargent 101 (635 Comm Ave) 
The Pluto system through New Horizons’ eyes: Better geology through chemistry
Will Grundy Lowell Observatory,
Flagstaff, AZ
10/13 No Seminar
10/20 Magnetic Reconnection: from the Sweet-Parker model to stochastic plasmoid chains. Nuno Loureiro MIT
10/27 The shifting paradigm of the Martian magnetosphere: MAVEN observations Gina DiBraccio GSFC
11/3 Human-in-the-Loop Coordination with Robot Systems Holly Yanco U Mass Lowell
11/10 Time and Location Change: CAS 500 at 3:00pm
Agyrotropy in the electron diffusion region of asymmetric magnetic reconnection
Matthew Argall UNH
11/17 Rolling the BARREL the wrong way: Using Radiation Belt missions to study Solar Phenomena Sarah McGregor Keene State College
11/24 No Seminar -Thanksgiving Recess
12/1 The BU-Sat Program Josh Semeter
and Brian Walsh
12/8 Practice Talks for AGU