Spring 2010 Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Status / Title
January 21 Larry Kepko
NASA Goddard
6300A Emissions and their Relationship to Magnetospheric Flows
January 28 Terry Forbes
Reconnection in Three-Dimensional Models of Coronal Mass Ejections
February 4 Hal Levison
Southwest Research Institute
Oort Cloud Formation – The Role of the Sun’s Birth Cluster (Joint seminar with IAR)
February 11 Pat Doherty
Boston College
Space Weather Effects on Navigation
February 18 Larry Lyons
Connections Between Large-Scale Plasma Sheet Transport, Region 2 Coupling to the Ionosphere, and Substorm Dynamics
February 25 Ron Prinn
Climate Change: Integrating Science, Economics, Technology and Policy (Joint seminar with Earth Sciences)
March 4 Mike Stevens
Boston University
Magnetic Reconnection in the Heliosphere
March 18 Evgeny Mishin
Interaction of High-Power HF Radio Waves with the Geospace
March 25 Kelly Korreck
Harvard CfA
Shocks in Astrophysics and Space Physics
April 1 Phil Chamberlin
The Solar Dynamics Observatory, Our New Eye on the Sun
April 8 Paul Kalas
HST Imaging of Fomalhaut: Direct detection of an exosolar planet and Kuiper Belt around a nearby star
April 15 Tom Cravens
University of Kansas
The Cassini-Huygens Mission to the Saturn System: Recent Results
April 29 Colin Lonsdale
Progress on the Murchison Widefield Array Project