Spring 2009 Seminar Series

Date Speaker Status / Title
January 15 Michael Mendillo
Boston University
Seminar Series Preview
January 22 Jack Mustard
Brown University
Hydrated Minerals on Mars and their Geologic Environments: Implications
for the History of Water
January 29 Marina Galand
Imperial College
The Weird Ionosphere of Titan Revealed by Cassini
February 5 Stephen Fuselier
Lockheed Martin
Progress on Understanding Magnetic Reconnection Using Observations
from Earth’s Magnetospheric Cusps
February 12 Larisa Goncharenko
Haystack Obs/MIT
Are Fluctuations in the Ionosphere Linked to Sudden Warming
in the Stratosphere?
February 19 Jeff Thayer
University of Colorado
Solar Wind – Thermosphere Coupling: A Newly Discovered Breathing
Mode of the Upper Atmosphere
February 26 Mark Miesch
Convection, Magnetism and the Inner Turmoil of Stars
March 5 Katia Matcheva
University of Florida
Gravity Waves in Planetary Atmosphere
March 19 Rosanna Sattler
Posternak Blankstein & Lund
Space Law
March 26 Margaret Campbell-Brown
University of Western Ontario
Meteors: Watch Out!
April 2 Joe Giacalone
University of Arizona
New Stuff About the Heliosphere
April 9 Nick Kanas
University of California, San Francisco
Psychological and Psychiatric Issues in Space
April 13 Steven Miller
University College London
The role of H3+ in planetary atmospheres
April 23 Ingo Mueller-Wodarg
Imperial College
Energy Crisis at Saturn: The Role of Thermosphere-Ionosphere
May 21 Aaron Ridley
University of Michigan
Hemispheric Asymmetries