Spring 2008 Seminar Series

Date Speaker Status / Title(if available)
January 17 Ofer Cohen
University of Michigan
Validation of a Synoptic Solar Wind Model
January 24 George Siscoe
Boston University
Heliophysics: What is it?
January 31 Harlan Spence
Boston University
A Unifying Mechanism of Particle Acceleration in the Terrestrial Magnetosphere and Solar Corona
February 7 Nathan Schwadron
Boston University
Solar Wind Scaling Law from Hinode XRT
February 14 Luke Moore
Boston University
Saturn’s Ionosphere: A Case Study
February 21 Kerri Cahoy
Stanford University
Effects of Atmospheric Thermal Tides on the Ionospheres of Mars and Earth
February 28 Katharine Reeves
Harvard University
Post-eruptive Phenomena in CMEs and Substorms – Indicators of a Universal Process?
March 6 Bart DePontieu
Hinode and the Solar Corona’s lower boundary: Spicules and Alfven Waves
March 13 Spring Break No Seminar
March 20 Robyn Millan
Dartmouth College
Radiation Belt Electron Losses and BARREL
March 27 Efthyia Zesta
Effect of Solar Wind Dynamic Pressure Changes on Convection and the Aurora: Modeling and Observations
April 1 Jim Salvin
MESSENGER: Exploring Mercury’s Magnetosphere
Joint IAR/CSP Seminar
April 3 Amitava Bhatacharjee
University of New Hampshire
Role of reconnection and secondary instabilities in triggering subsorms and flares/CMEs
April 10 Geoff Reeves
Los Alamos National Lab
Radiation Belt Dynamics and Data Assimilation Based Modeling
April 14 Eugene Parker
University of Chicago
v,B vs E,J Paradigm
April 17 MariLiza Koukouli
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Satellite-based Studies of the Lower Atmosphere
April 24 Dave McComas
Comparative Physics of the Jovian Magnetosphere