Spring 2007 Seminar Series

Date Speaker Title or Subject
12 Jan Dimitra Koutroumpa
CNRS, France
Charge-Exchange Induced EUV/Soft X-ray emissions from the Heliosphere and Mars
25 Jan Matt Owens
Boston Univ.
CME’s and the Solar Cycle
1 Feb Joint CSP and IAR
(Sarah McGregor)
Science Results from AGU and AAS
8 Feb Dennis Papadopoulos
Univ. of Maryland
High Power Ionospheric Heating Physics and Applications
15 Feb Dr. Jan Egeland
Magnetic Reconnection, a Celestial Phenomena in the Laboratory
22 Feb George Flynn
SUNY Plattsburg
Science from the Stardust Mission
1 March Caitlin Griffith
Univ. of Arizona
Trying to make sense of Titan from Cassini-Huygens Measurements
2 March Roger Yelle
Univ. of Arizona
Composition, Chemistry, and Escape of Titan’s Upper Atmosphere
8 March Andrew Nagy
Univ. of Michigan
Solar Wind Interaction with Non-Magnetic Bodies
22 March John Wygant
Univ. of Minnesota
Cluster Observations of the Earth’s
29 March Jean-Loup Bertaux
CNRS France
Atmospheres of Mars and Venus
5 April Dennis Matson
Cassini at Saturn
12 April Pardee Symposium No Seminar
19 April Melissa McGrath
Marshall Sp. Flt. Ctr.
Science at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center
26 April Dave Slater
The ALICE Family of VUV spectrographs for Space Missions
3 May Fran Bagenal
Univ. of Colorado
Magnetosphere of Jupiter