Spring 2003 Seminar Schedule

Date Topic Speaker
January 23 A New Look at the Acceleration of Charged Particles in Space Randy Jokipii
LPL – University of Arizona
January 30 Temperature Anisotropies and Microinstabilities in the Solar Wind Justin Kasper
February 6 Galileo Explores the Jupiter System Torrence Johnson
JPL – Pasadena, CA
February 13 Results from Magnetospheric Gedanken Experiments Using the LFM Michael Wiltberger
February 20 Ionospheric Signatures of Reconnection: Shear Flows, Upflows, and Energy Dissipation at the Polar Cap Boundary Joshua Semeter
February 27 Measuring and Modeling the Dynamics of the Inner Magnetosphere Robert Clauer
University of Michigan
March 6 Comparison of Earth’s Magnetosphere with Jupiter’s Magnetosphere Raymond Walker
March 20 The Formation & Destruction of Solar Prominences Spiro Antiochos
March 27 Solar Magnetism and Terrestrial Climate Mukul Sharma
Dartmouth College
April 17 A new Technique for Short-Term Forecast of Auroral Activity Tony Lui
Johns Hopkins University
April 24 Collisionless Magnetic Reconnection: Mechanisms, Onset, and Cessation Michael Hesse
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
May 1 Ionospheric Plasma Structuring During Major Space Weather Events Sunanda Basu
Center for Space Physics – Boston University