Spring 2001 Seminar Schedule

Date Topic Speaker
January 18 Chlorine on Io Professor Nick Schneider
University of Colorado
January 25 Auroral Processes on Earth Dr. Dirk Lummerzheim
University of Alaska
February 1 What Does Ionospheric Plasma Motion Tell Us About Reconnection at the Dayside Magnetopause? Dr. Alan Rodger
British Antarctic Survey
February 8 HST Observations of Jupiter’s Aurora Dr. John Clarke
University of Michigan
February 15 Transient Convection and Pi2 Generation Dr. Larry Kepko
February 20 Jupiter’s Dark Poles and the Aurora Dr. Wayne Pryor
LASP University of Colorado
March 1 Quantum Remote Sensing and Imaging Professor Bahaa E. A. Saleh
ECE Department / Boston University
March 12 Topics in Giant Planet Atmospheres: Jupiter’s downdrafts & atmospheric circulation of short-period extrasolar giant planets Dr. Adam Showman
March 14 Dr. Bonnie Buratti
JPL and Pomona College
March 19 Physics of the Shoemaker-Levy 9 Impacts Dr. Joseph Harrington
Cornell University
April 5 Scientists Role in Society: View from the Hill Dr. Sherri Stephan
US Senate
April 12 Solar Wind / Magnetosphere Coupling: The View from MACCS Professor Jeff Hughes
Boston University / Center for Space Physics
April 19 Sabbatical Science: Energetic Particles in the Magnetospheric CUSP Professor Ted Fritz
Boston University / Center for Space Physics
April 26 FAST and Faster Results Professor Cindy Cattell
University of Minnesota