Spring 1995 Seminar Series

Date Topic Speaker
January 19 Energy Flow Through The Magnetosphere George Siscoe
Boston University
January 26 A New Theory For Magnetospheric Substorms Larry Lyons
February 2 Sources Of Energetic Particles Upstream Of The Bow Shock: In-Situ Acceleration And Magnetospheric Leakage Eberhard Mobius
February 9 Structure Of The Plasma Sheet And Its Boundary Layers Terry Onsager
February 16 Quantitative Evaluation Of A Magnetic Mapping Between The Poleward Boundaries Of The Auroral Oval And The Plasma Sheet John Craven
University of Alaska
February 23 Ionospheric Variations At High Latitude During Storms And Substorms Robert Schunk
Utah State
March 2 Substorms In The Magnetotail: Analytical Theory And Numerical Modeling Michael Hesse
March 16 New Radiation Belts In The Magnetosphere Mary Hudson
March 23 How Do Current Disruptions Fit To Substorm Models? Tony Lui
March 30 Substorm Composition And Morphology In Storm And Quiet Times: Observations Of The Magnetospheric Ion Mass Spectrometer on CRRES Manuel Grande
Rutherford Lab
April 6 Radiation Belt Dynamics: Some Analysis And Modeling Of The CRRES Database Greg Ginet
Phillips Lab
April 13 Preliminary Results From SuperDARN: Imaging Convection And Birkeland Currents Ray Greenwald
April 20 Magnetic Impulse Events Measured At High Latitudes Roger Arnoldy
April 27 Mid-Latitude Storm Effects: A Multi-Instrument Perspective John Foster
MIT / Haystack
May 4 Auroral Effects On The Upper Atmosphere: The ARIA Rocket Project Andy Christensen
May 11 Global Magnetospheric Processes And Nonlinear Substorm Dynamics Dan Baker
University of Colorado