Seminar Series

The Center for Space Physics Seminar series convenes every Thursday with noted exceptions during the Fall and Spring semesters in room 502 of 725 Commonwealth Avenue from 4:00-4:45PM.  The seminar is preceded by refreshments in room 500 at 3:45PM.

To see a list of previous semesters’ seminars, please visit our Previous Schedules and Topics page.
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Spring 2018 Schedule

Date Title Speaker Affiliation
1/18/18 No Seminar – Organizational Meeting
1/25/18 SuperDARN Convection Electric Field Climatology Simon Shepherd Dartmouth College
2/1/17 Joint with IAR
An Ionospheric Signature of Life on Exoplanets
Michael Mendillo Boston University CSP
2/8/18 Ionosphere-Thermosphere coupling processes associated with Subauroral Polarization Streams (SAPS) Bashi Ferdousi BU
2/15/18 Solar Sail Spacecraft Propulsion Les Johnson NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
3/8/18 No Seminar – Spring Break
Current Space Weather Research-to-Operations Activities and Policy Steven Clarke Office of Science and Technology Policy
3/22/18 The Northern Lights as a Scientific Instrument Eric Donovan University of Calgary
3/29/18 The Supersoaker Experiment: Measuring the Upper Atmosphere’s Response to Pure Water Vapor Mike Stevens Naval Research Laboratory
4/5/18 Characterizing Jupiter’s Auroral Acceleration Region Licia Ray University of Lancaster
4/12/18 Lessons Learned from the First Extra-Terrestrial UV Echelle Majd Mayyasi Boston University
4/19/18 Io’s Volcanic Atmosphere and Plasma Torus Carl Schmidt Boston University
4/26/18 Extending our Vision to a Galaxy of Planets Karl Stapelfeldt NASA Exoplanet Exploration Program
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech