Spring 2011 Seminar Schedule

Spring 2011 Schedule

Date Title Speaker Affiliation
1/20 Organizational Meeting Supriya Chakrabarti BU, CSP
1/27 Tales from the Outer Solar System Michael Brown (Student Invited Speaker) California Institute of Technology
2/3 Enceladus’ Plume: Perspectives from Simulations and Observations Carol Paty Georgia Tech
2/10 Observations of the space shuttle’s main engine exhaust plume: Rapid poleward transport, diffusion and mesospheric cloud formation Michael Stevens Naval Research Laboratory
2/17 Mercury’s Complex Exosphere: Intriguing  Observations from the Three MESSENGER Flybys Ron Vervack The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
2/24 A New Look at the Moon with LRO, LCROSS, & LAMP Randy Gladstone SWRI
3/3 Understanding magnetospheric plasma for its own sake, and for the benefit of the satellite engineering community Timothy Guild The Aerospace Corporation
3/10 Planets Near and Far: exploring new worlds with spacecraft radios and telescopes Kerri Cahoy MIT
3/17 Spring Break – No Seminar
3/24 Movie-maps of magnetic-storm disturbance Jeffrey Love USGS
3/31 Multi-­‐sensor measurements of irregularities in the low-­‐latitude ionosphere/thermosphere system Jonathan Makela University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
4/7 Characterisation of Exoplanets: The Next Step Alan Aylward UCL London
4/14 On interplanetary shocks driven by coronal mass ejections Natchimuthuk  Gopalswamy GSFC
4/21 Monday Schedule – No Seminar
4/28 Recent Analyses of in-situ Thermospheric Measurements James Clemmons The Aerospace Corporation
5/5 Seeking Europa’s Ocean Robert Pappalardo JPL