Fall 2009 Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Status / Title
September 10 Robert Marshall
Stanford University
Ionospheric Effects of Intense Lightning Discharges
September 17 Joshua Semeter
Boston University
Anatomy of a Magnetospheric Flux Tube
October 1 Natalia Buzulukova
NASA Goddard
Earth Ring Current: Global Imaging and Global Modeling
October 8 James Green
University of Colorado
Probing the Inter-Galactic Medium with the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph

October 15 Harlan Spence
Boston University
Early Results from the LRO Cosmic Ray Telescope for the Effects of Radiation (CRaTER)
October 22 Timothy Cook
Boston University
A Discussion on Exoplanets
October 29 Walter Harris
University of California Davis
Nature vs. Nurture: Exploring the reasons behind compositional differences in comet nuclei and the role of solar weathering in driving them
November 5 Gary Swenson
University of Illinois
The Lower Thermosphere and Wave Coupling from Below
November 12 Randy Kimble
NASA Goddard
A Powerful New Imager for HST: Performance and Early Results of Wide Field Camera 3
November 19 Jamie Cook
NASA Goddard
Cometary amino acids from the STARDUST mission
December 3 Nathan Schwadron
Boston University
Comparison of Interstellar Boundary Explorer Observations with 3-D Global Heliospheric Models