Fall 2008 Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Status / Title
September 11 Theodor Kostiuk
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Winds, Aurora, Temperature, and Composition of Planetary Atmospheres from High Resolution Infrared Spectroscopy
September 18 Jerry Goldstein
Southwest Research Institute
What Everyone Should Know About Inner Magnetospheric Physics
September 25 Michael Mendillo
Boston University
The Power of Photons – Super Sodium Tails in the Solar System
October 2 Meers Oppenheim
Boston University
Tales of Meteor Trails: Lessons from Radar Observations and Theory
October 9 Angelos Vourlidas
Naval Research Laboratory
STEREO Imaging of the Sun and the Inner Heliosphere During Solar Minimum
October 16 Hannu Koskinen
University of Helsinki
Solar Wind Interaction with the Atmosphere of Venus in the Light of Fresh Data from Venus Express
October 23 Franco Cerrina
Boston University
Recent Advances in Extreme Ultraviolet Interferometric Lithography
October 30 William Lotko
Dartmouth University
Ionospheric Outflow and Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling
November 6 Andrew Stephan
Naval Research Laboratory
The Remote Atmosperic Ionospheric Detection System: New Science from the ISS
November 13 Gordon Shepherd
York University
Dynamics of the High Latitude Upper Atmosphere in Winter
November 18 Dava Sobel The Drama of Copernicus: How He Was Convinced to Publish his Crazy Idea
November 20 Alan Stern
Southwest Research Institute
New Horizons: Exploring the Solar System’s Third Zone
December 4 Don Neill
Unraveling Mira’s Mysterious Tail